About The Design Edge

For more than 10 years The Design Edge has offered best Quality premium cowhide bags and accessories. A family run business that started 25 years ago, supplying premium quality leather bags and accessories all across the globe.

We Follow Strict Ethical Standards

We often get asked about the morality of selling fur and hides. All our Hides are simply a Bi Product of this industry. We have guarantees from all of our suppliers that the hides we sell come from ethically sourced high quality certificated farms. All the animals live good lives and have plenty of space to live organically. The Design Edge would never knowingly sell a product that had been miss-treated in any way.
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We Are Environment Friendly

We constantly make sure to offer our customers nature friendly cowhide accessories. We are very much aware of the issues surrounding hide production and to contribute our share in this beautiful environment, we only use natural tanning processes.

We Bring The Luxury To You

We collaborate with the most elite tanneries around the world to create beautiful, innovative cowhide leather products. We are committed to fulfilling the demands for the finest quality products for luxury furnishings with integrity, honesty and precision. Our mission is to give each and every customer the best leather purchasing experience possible by providing the highest quality leather, customized services, and on-time delivery.
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We use 100% Genuine Leather

Every product we bring to our customers is unique and one of kind. Made of top quality leather which is strong and has a soft, natural look and feel. We call it “leather that cares,” given the fact that it cares for itself by becoming more textured and richer with age.

Returns and Refunds

At The Design Edge all our products are custom made so we do not entertain Returns and Refunds. Incase you have incorrectly ordered and the styles are not custom made a 15% re-stocking fee will be deducted from your refund. Shipping/Handling and Bank Charges cannot be refunded.